Vote of no-confidence (Party Politics in the UK)

By Criminonymous

DC Conservative Party Conference

You talking to me?

I watch the party conferences

They give us their assurances

But we’re not their audience

They’re talking to the journalists

We’re all parties to politics

But not political parties

We have the same energy

But way different priorities

Apathy’s a false theory

The care’s there, I see it clearly

People spend their time and money

On good causes aplenty

So don’t tell me

My community’s opinionless or apathetic

If the parties ignore our concerns

Then we’re bound to doubt their relevance

We see them as incapable

Corrupt and inescapable

They lead us to believe

That they monopolise the country

But please, monopolies fall

Losing the power they once commanded

If the parties can’t be changed

Then they’ll have to be abandoned


The writing’s on the wall

Once the third party is culpable

For the same old, autocratic,

Plutocratic, nonsensical crap

You’d expect from the others

But maybe not from them

They used to fight back

Used to support torture victims

Really, what do their mothers think?

And what about their voters?

Out go their morals with the kitchen sink

Their babies with the bathwater

Now they’re complicit in the slaughter

And they bask in the hysteria

Starving Iran’s sons and daughters

Flooding weapons into Libya

This isn’t pub trivia

Who was that minister thirty years ago?

They’ll ask in thirty years

And the pub might not know

The names of all the men and women

Who left their country stranded

The parties won’t change

If we don’t demand it


When I vote, I question

If I’d choose them as an independent

That is, if they could kick their party dependence

Would they do one or would they try to defend us?

Their record’s not tremendous

When they’re taken as a group, you see

But check them individually

You’ll see some take it seriously

They all have an opinion

Even if just a few express them

They’re people, just like you or I

And the difference isn’t elections

It’s the parties

Private clubs looking after their own interests

Being in thrall to a whip

Hinders the democratic process

As does being on the leash

Of the banks and big business

But there’s no point blaming the individuals

Living in this madness

They’ll still be part of the transition

No matter how belated

And once we’re all involved

Then new parties can be created

  1. superb, excellent points made. I’ve long claimed that people particularly the young are politically engaged, but the parties of governance represent very narrow interests which is why very few people actually vote for them. I think we should have an option on the ballot papers for ‘none of the above’…

    • Richard said:

      Mark – Better not to vote, to participate in the system is to give it your approval.

      • Richard I could not disagree more!

      • Take the recent Police and Crime Commissioner elections. You would be hard pushed to find a policy that I disagree with more – elected police is a totally stupid idea. However, it would have been irresponsible of me not to vote if I lived in an area where a extremist candidate stood a decent chance of being elected. I’m afraid protest via non-participation is too idealistic for me!

      • Richard said:

        Crimin – I agree, voting for your police commissioner is throwing the corruption in our face. And you have to ask did people voting for a party whose policies they did not believe in lead to this situation? At least you know with non participation you are not contributing to these policies.

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