Emer Morrison

by Emer Morrison

Being on trial is an intimidating process. Understanding the charges and evidence against you is pivotal to making this process more bearable and to gaining a fair trial. For many this makes the service of an interpreter both in court and when in conference with their legal team a necessity.

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by Emer Morrison

One of the saddest recurring acronyms coined during this ‘age of austerity’ is NEETS denoting youngpeople not in education, employment or training.  Of the 1.04 million young people currently unemployed these are the most worrying for the coalition being termed ‘a time bomb’ by Nick Clegg. The spectre of feral youths conditioned by habit, the current economic conditions and a failed education system to a lifetime of brazen idleness and sporadic petty crime at the expense of honest citizens is conjured by some of the more hysterical press coverage.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the coalition was keen to be seen to be taking action though the events which ensued could, hardly, have been foreseen.

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