Jack McGinn

by Jack McGinn

Why is there a fascination with an apparently intractable conflict in the Middle East – and why are we expected to have chosen a side simply based on our political affiliation? Something as simple as a name for the sliver of land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River has become a shibboleth for determining activist credentials. Why is this so important to people?

The Left, fragmented and fractious as it is, usually seems to have a clear array of causes that one should subscribe to if seeking membership. Values of equality and cooperation are naturally the foundations, but young politically aware people will often be quickly introduced to an array of specific issues that are considered battlegrounds, where one can nail one’s colours to the mast and be on the right (left) side. Watershed moments in history are defined by the struggle of ideas that have caused and shaped them, be it women’s suffrage, the eight hour day, or the civil rights movement for equality before the law. The Left is progressive, and seeks to move society forward to a fairer, more equitable reality.

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