Jo Colman

By Jo Colman

Wilberforce – united people on all sides of the political spectrum by ‘minimising the politics’

When neighbourhoods in this country are entering into a third generation of worklessness, we have a problem. When one in five children enter secondary school almost unable to read or write, we have a problem. When 27,310 children are taken into care in the year up to March 2011 alone, we have a problem.

These are not political issues, they are social issues. And more important they are issues that Society has to face together.

Social issues with political implications.

Politics and politicians have the ability to harness the good work of communities and champion issues that need public engagement, but what they don’t do (most of the time) is start something new.

Take the great William Wilberforce. Did he start the campaign for the abolition of slavery? No.

But he did take seriously his role as an elected representative of the people and the important need to highlight and challenge the evil that was the slave trade.

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