Julia Koskella

By Julia Koskella

DISCLAIMER: this article is asking you to DO something. We’ll help you do it, do it with you, inspire and empower you as you do it… but it’s more than an online article, it’s a DO.  If you bank with one of the big high street banks then and don’t mind DOING things, read on…

We care about the people in our communities. About social justice, inequality and sustainability. And we all do actions to make a difference. Some of us volunteer for hours every week.  Lots of people give what they can to charity. I struggle daily to reduce my carbon footprint: sweating my way to work on a bike, salivating past steakhouses, clutching my groceries in my bare arms when I forget to bring that hemp bag to the corner shop.

Dissatisfied customer cuts up his bank card outside Barclays

Some of the things we do for social justice are tough.  But there’s one easy thing lots of us don’t do: bank with financial institutions we’re proud of. And it’s an action that has huge power to create change.

People in the UK see banking as an unavoidable evil. We open our accounts when we’re young and are more likely to get divorced than to switch provider. We aren’t often aware of the alternatives (the UK’s 500+ credit unions are sadly under-publicized) and the financial system seems too huge to take on, even when we are so frustrated by its failings. Read More