Mike Buckley

By Mike Buckley

Language often portrays welfare as abhorrent

Language often portrays welfare as abhorrent

Words matter. Ideas matter, narratives matter – maybe more than policies, personalities, and parties. I’m not going to nail my colours to the mast on this one, but it’s a thought worth exploring. A few things have turned my mind to this over recent weeks. Firstly, a very broad comparison of Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Few politically minded people will forget that the 2008 campaign was very clearly focused on a core message of hope and change. They’re not specifics, but everyone likes hope and change, and we all knew what Obama stood for. Admittedly its harder to be the hope and change candidate after four years in office, hence perhaps his difficulty in framing himself quite so clearly this time around, but four years ago he was highly focused, and it brought dividends. Read More