Jenni Tomlin

Jenni currently is currently a trainee secondary school teacher at King’s College London and a school in north London. She previously worked for international development and fundraising platform GlobalGiving UK, and in community development and social care in East London. She is passionate about issues of education and feminism. In her spare time she runs a youth group in Haringey and tries to hide her love of Jane Austen.

Nick Bano

Nick is a graduate law student. His interests include labour and employment law, human rights, constitutional reform, and labour economics. He has worked as an intern at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague, and at the International Labour Organization in Geneva where he set up the Geneva Interns’ Association (a campaign group concerned with internships and youth employment).

Eamon Rooke

Eamon’s academic background is in social movements, Gramscian/Marxian thought, and ideology. He also plays in a band.

Dave Cohen

Dave is a recently elected parent-governor of Noel Park Primary School in Haringey, north London. Anything he writes for Social Justice First is in a personal capacity.

Antoine Cerisier

Antoine is a UCL & Sciences Po Paris graduate currently working as a consultant in London. His interests include development & environmental policy, international trade and French politics. He spends his spare time reading, playing music and trying to sing like David Bowie.

Marc Morgan

Marc is pursuing a research masters in Public Policy and Development at the Paris School of Economics. He recently completed his BA in Economics and Philosophy at Trinity College, Dublin. His interests include doubting, questioning and learning the truth in matters of human importance, as well as uncovering the origins of Rhythm and Blues.

Sophie Colsell

Sophie Colsell is currently doing an EVS placement promoting Fair Trade in Malta. She is an active member of Amnesty International and while at university spent some time volunteering with an NGO working in the field of water and sanitation in Uganda. She likes coffee, music and reading Graham Greene novels.

Jack McGinn

Jack is currently studying for his Masters in Arabic at the University of Edinburgh. He’s interested in the politics of the Middle East, especially the Palestine/Israel issue. He enjoys playing guitar, being a naïve idealist, and skipping the country. If he’s not working with refugees and speaking fluent Arabic within two years, he’ll be very upset with himself.

Amber Corfield-Moore

Amber grew up in Somerset and moved to London in 2006 to study philosophy at University College London.  Though specialising in philosophy of mind she also became a devotee of John Stuart Mill’s political philosophy.  When she realised no-one would pay her to read philosophy books full-time she left study in 2011 and is currently working a temporary job in the public sector.

Katherine Orr

Katherine currently lives in Philadelphia where she works in research and marketing.  She has a BA in Political Science and English, an MS in Library Science and will be starting a MSt in Modern Lit at UCL in the fall.  She spent a few years working as a Democratic aide in New Jersey and Washington before going back to grad school.  She is a staunch feminist and proponent of literacy education.  She enjoys tennis and trashy novels.

Julia Koskella

Julia Koskella works for Ashoka, a global network of social entrepreneurs and changemakers. Having founded the Oxford Climate Forum and currently volunteering for Move Your Money, she is an active campaigner, connector and do-er.

Jo Rush

Jo Rush lives in Edinburgh and works with young people at one of Scotland’s largest producing theatres, she also directs and occasionally performs with Foolproof Theatre Company, creating shows for the Fringe and to tour around Scotland. She has a degree in Drama and a particular interest in the accessibility of theatre and performance to more diverse audiences. In her spare time she volunteers at schools and fantasises about epic plays she’d like to stage if only someone would let her.

Stephen Johnson

Stephen is semi-retired after a career in industry – textiles, plastics, coatings and chemicals. His interests are the environment, community and politics, and when he gets the time, sailing. With a degree from Oxford (the home of lost causes) he believes in challenging orthodoxy and that, on occasions, we can achieve the highly improbable.

Rudrajoy Chakraborty

Rudge is a junior doctor working in Birmingham.

Taro Kili

Taro is a student living in Paris. Although she is principally there for the food, she also studies politics and social sciences, with a particular focus on Africa.

William Morton

Will is a philosophy graduate living in London. He likes arguing, writing and listening to good music. He currently works in a bar.

François Cocquemas

François holds a Master degree in finance from Sciences Po Paris and a joint Master degree in economics and public policy from Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE and Sciences Po. He is currently doing  a PhD in finance at EDHEC Business School, in the French city with the most CCTV cameras per inhabitant.

Dadu Moussavi

Dadu is a technology obsessive; an enthusiast for promoting innovation as a solution to environmental problems; kung fu martial artist; break-dancer; aspiring comedy writer; lover of the tennis court; and geography nerd. In that order.

Jo Colman

Jo is currently balancing his time around working for a Conservative MP, being trustee to a new charity called the Bread Tin and volunteering as a youth worker in Watford. Having come from the charitable sector he moved into politics through working at The Centre for Social Justice and has a keen interest in philanthropy, youth work and politics.

Joshua Mellors

Joshua is studying for a Masters in economics and finance at SOAS, University of London, and was previously an intern at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago. His academic background is in history and economics and he is interested in the political economy of financialisation. In his spare time he listens to podcasts, eats East European food and cooks Trinbagonian food.

Yano Moussavi

Yano is a student of Politics and International Relations, with a particular focus on US politics. When not getting into arguments with Republicans on the internet, Yano is often to be found in the gym, or reading a book recommended by Paul Krugman.

Alexander Green

Alex is a research student at University College London and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the London School of Economics, focusing on the fields of legal and political philosophy. He has worked at the International Criminal Court and the International Bar Association. He enjoys reading Kant and Nietzsche, then sulking because they had all the good ideas first.

Stuart Withers

Stuart lives in London and has an academic background in criminal law and evidence. He has previously volunteered and interned at various NGOs, including Fair Trial International where he began to develop an interest in extradition law. In his spare time Stuart likes to bake and make props from papier mache.


Criminonymous is a criminologist advocating restorative justice, truth and reconciliation for the most harmful crime and social conflicts (and anywhere else that it might be appropriate).

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a Canadian living in London. Along the way, he has worked as a rowing coach, cinema flunky, minor league baseball mascot, high school teacher, café barista, hockey rink organist, university applications counsellor, late-night burrito salesman, Parisian bartender, and corporate lawyer. He has studied History and Law, and hopes one day to be a writer, or Jimmy Page.

Sarah Walker

Sarah is a UCL LLM graduate currently undertaking a Traineeship in the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights having previously interned at Reprieve and the International Bar Association. Prior to these positions she trained as a Barrister. Her interests centre on the effective use of international human rights law to improve lives. She is a vegetarian wine-drinker who will read anything written by Gandhi and challenges you to find an Elvis Presley song she’s not already listened to at least 50 times. @sawlaw8 

Steve Hynd

Steve Hynd is a freelance journalist and a human rights activist. He has lived in the occupied Palestinian Territories and is currently  based in London. He blogs at and tweets @Steve4319

Mike Buckley

Mike works as a community organiser with Movement for Change, working with activists and the Labour Party to bring local level change. He is studying a theology and politics Masters degree at King’s College London. Mike is on the executive committee of the Christian Socialist Movement. In what time remains Mike is a climber, an occasional actor, and an experimental cook. @mdbuckley

Sheila Coleman

Sheila Coleman is a former University lecturer and researcher. Her research in the aftermath of the Hillsborough Disaster( monitoring the legal proceedings)led to her being an active member of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. She co-authored the first critical accounts of the disaster and has consistently challenged the established version of events in particular the inquest verdicts of accidental death. These verdicts were finally quashed in December 2012 after twenty three years of campaigning.

Sheila is currently employed by Unite the Union as the North West Region Community Co-ordinator where she is involved in assisting communities to organise and campaign around issues affecting them.

Daragh Gleeson

Daragh is currently working in a law firm abroad. He has previously worked with the European Court of Human Rights and the European Commission’s Development Agency, and has experience as a paralegal with corporate law firms in Dublin.

Sundar Senthilnathan

Sundar Senthilnathan is a public policy analyst working on security and foreign policy issues, and urban development besides dabbling in everything under the sun. He tweets at @Strat_trends

Sudeep Surendra

Sudeep Surendra is senior Project associate at Avantika Foundation

Vanya Vaidehi Bhargav

Vanya Vaidehi Bhargav is a DPhil Candidate at Oxford, studying the history of modern Indian political thought.

Antoine Bouziat

Antoine holds a MSc degree in Numerical Geology and has worked for several years in the Oil & Gas industry. He now lives in West Sussex and spends much of his spare time reading about politics, economy and philosophy. He is also a devoted supporter of the FC Nantes football team and enjoys playing squash on a weekly basis.

Sophie Caldecott

Sophie Caldecott is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Better Place. She trained in Magazine Journalism and wrote her Masters dissertation on ethical trade, and since then has worked for organisations such as Trading for Development and the Ethical Fashion Forum.

  1. Ivan Mendez said:

    Having seen Joshua being interviewed by Max Keiser we wish to send him a personal message.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could either let me have his email address or could he contact.

    Yours sincerelu,


    • Ivan Mendez said:

      I wish to contact Joshua Mellors

  2. Mark said:

    It’s nice to see a young man like Mr. Mellors who GETS IT. So many in America are asleep or willfully ignorant of what is happening in the world.

    • Mark, that’s very kind of you to say. Do you think you could post this on Josh’s latest article, rather than the contributors page?

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