General Editors

Joseph Markus

Joe is currently a pupil barrister – working largely in those areas of law that remain legally aided – in Manchester, prior to which he worked as a paralegal in Oxford and as a stagiaire at the European Court of Human Rights. His main academic interests lie in the fields of socio-economic rights, equality and development, as well as social movements / change and the law. He is slowly becoming a vegetarian.  @joeMarkus1

Babak Moussavi

Babak is currently a postgraduate student at St Antony’s College, Oxford, having previously worked as a research assistant between Oxford and New Delhi. His academic background is in Philosophy and International Public Policy. He spends his spare time practising card magic, playing chess, and reading, and is slowly turning his room into a private library.  @babakmoussavi

Sam Bright

Sam is an associate in a corporate law firm. His academic background is in international law and human rights. He is particularly interested in the development and protection of socio-economic rights. In his spare time, he likes to cycle, listen to music, go to the theatre, and drink beer, and despite his best efforts, he still cannot play guitar.  

Contributing Editors

Sam Tomlin

Sam is a community activist and developer in Wood Green, where he lives with his wife Jenni. He is a former policy researcher and has worked for various charitable organisations. Outside of work he plays guitar, helps to run a homeless day shelter, supports the mighty Bristol City and can’t help reading obscure theological books. He is also a member of the Christians on the Left. @samjtomlin

Sam Hawke

Sam is training to be a barrister in London. He has a degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Law. He spent some time as a paralegal at Leigh Day, and now volunteers at Islington Law Centre.

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